Well-designed, well-priced, sustainable kidswear that blends modernity and heritage, with playfulness and practicality. That is the promise of Pochampali, a soulful kidswear brand founded by Neha Hassan and Rhea Mendes that brings back the traditional approach to children's clothing.

We pride ourselves on creating functional clothes from luscious Indian fabrics - nothing too fussy, frilly or mini-me. Children have their own little quirks and preferences and their own sense of style and each Pochampali design allows the child's personality to shine through.

Fast fashion can be fun but it comes at a cost that we want to avoid. Our fabrics are completely organic, which makes them good for the child and for the environment. They are spun and dyed in Pochampally, Andhra Pradesh, the heartland of handloom. We guarantee that there are no harsh chemicals or processes used at any point.

Our designs are classic, light-as-air, thoughtful and made to be worn at home, on a playdate, or on a plane. They are luxurious, as defined by culture and tradition and not a price tag. These are timeless pieces, meant to be worn often and the fabrics age beautifully, getting softer and more comfortable with each wash – wear, rinse, repeat and recycle.

We want our pieces to become precious markers of your little one's childhood, to be treasured always.